Caccini, Francesca

Caccini, Giulio






Caldara, Antonio



Campra, André

Carissimi, Giacomo


Carpenter, John A.

Carter, Elliot

Catalani, Alfredo

Catán, Daniel

Cavalli, Francesco

Cesti, Marco Antonio

Chabrier, Emmanuel


Chanler, Theodore


Charles, Ernest


Charles, Wolseley

Charpentier, Gustave


Chausson, Ernest










Cilèa, Francesco


Cimara, Pietro

Colbran, Isabella

Coleman, Cy

Coleman, Ian

Cooke, Arnold

Cooney, Cheryl L.





Copland, Aaron






Copland, Aaron (arr.)







Cordero, Ernesto


Corigliano, John


Cornelius, Peter

Coulthard, Jean

Per la più vaga e bella


Amor, io parto

Belle rose purpurine

Dolcissimo sospiro

Sfogava con le stelle

Udite, amanti

Alma del core

Come raggio di sol

Selve amiche

Charmant papillon

No, no, non si speri!

Vittoria! Vittoria!

When I bring to you colour'd toys

The Rose Family

Ebben? Ne andrò lontana


Sospiri di foco

Intorno all'idol mio

Les cigales

Villanelles des petits canards

Eight Epitaphs

Three Husbands

Let My Song Fill Your Heart

When I Have Sung My Songs

The Green-eyed Dragon

Depuis le Jour

Les trois sorcières

Chanson perpetuelle, op.37

Hébé, op.2, no.6

La nuit, op.11, no.1

Le charme, op.2, no.2

Le colibri, op.2, no.7

Le temps des lilas

Les papillons, op.2, no.3

Nanny, op.2, no.1

Réveil, op.11, no.2

Sérénade italienne, op.2, no.5

Acerba voluttà

È la solita storia del pastore

Fiocca la neve

Povero cor tu palpiti

What You Don’t Know About Women

Three Rossetti Songs

Three Songs of Innocence

Echo’s Song

Go and Catch a Falling Star

On Another’s Sorrow

Song from Poetical Sketches

The Poison Tree

Duet: You dance...Laurie, Laurie...

Laurie's Song

Stomp Your Foot

Thank you, all

The Sun is Coming Up

12 Poems of Emily Dickenson

At the River

Ching-A-Ring Chaw

I Bought Me a Cat

Long Time Ago

The Boatmen's Dance

The Little Horses

Zion’s Walls

La hija del viejo Pancho

Voz del güiro

Chimes of Freedom

Clothes Line

Die Könige

Christina Songs

First Song of Experience

Long ago
















La Wally

Florencia en el Amazonas










LouAdriana Lecouvreur
















City of Angels








The Tender Land


e Tender Land


The Tender Land


The Tender LandThe Tender Land

































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